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Hello I am new to the blogging world. I had an idea (which I’m sure many people are doing this too) of starting a blog to write reviews about products. I’m starting off slow. I will write a honest review about products I use or if your interested in sending samples I can write reviews about them as well. We will get into that later. I will start off slow for now and work my way up to bigger things. If this is something you would be interested in please let me know.. I’m up for new ideas. If you are interested in a product but not sure about it yet, let me know. I’ll see what I can do about reviewing it. Thanks. 



Why do I not feel love? Honestly, why can I not feel love? I use to believe in love. But I’ve actually never felt it. I want to be held in your arms, I want you too touch me and make me feel like you will never let me go. Kiss me deeply, like you may never get the chance to kiss me again. I want that kind of love, the feeling of love. Will it ever happen to me? 

Love A Mystery?

Everyone loves a good mystery right? Of course you do. 😀 So I came across a fun post earlier on facebook. You know those products you can get a monthly subscription too? Such as Ispy, holler etc? Well this is a subscription of a fun mystery you can solve!!! Cool right? I love anything mystery or horror. You get a new mystery to solve each month. I think I’m going to have to try this one, sounds to fun to pass up. What do you think? This will be fun. 


Ladies do you love doing your nails? To be honest I didn’t use to do my nails. That is until I found Jamberry!!! Omgoodness I absolutely fell in love with this product. Have you heard about it? If so you will know how amazing this product is. Also it’s not too expensive. Jamberry is kinda new to my area. I would honestly start a business in this company and I’m seriously thinking about it. I just love how easy it is to apply. So if your interested check out my consultant’s page. She is a wonderful lady and would help you with anything. Or you can go to http://www.jamberry.com and find a consultant near you. Any questions please comment below. Have a review of this product? Let us know. 


Get Paid To Stay Healthy? Say what???

Have you heard of the website http://www.achievemint.com? This website pays you to get healthy or if you are already healthy. That’s right, it is based on a point system once you reach 10,000 points, you get $10. Would that motivate you? I mean we could probably get healthy on our own just to help us. But honestly money is a big motivation these days right? My daughter and myself have signed up. And we will have a start date. Our start date is July 21st. If you would like to join us and share your progress with us that would be awesome. I will blog almost  every day to share our progress as well. Comment below if you plan on joining us. For more info please visit the site. 

Are you bored this Summer? Part 2

Hello again it just little ole’ me. It’s been a couple of days since I’ve blogged. But I’m back and ready to tackle it full force!!!. So remember my post about the painted rocks? Well it has hit my state full force. After I posted my blog a couple of days later our local news channel did a report on this new trend. I’ll post the link below. I would like to know how many of you are participating in this new activity? How many states had it been a big hit in? Please comment below.




I know I’ve only been blogging for about a day. How do I get followers? Any suggestions ideas? Am I doing something wrong, I see I’m getting some views. I’m trying to achieve some traffic to my page. So please let me know how I can get some likes or followers. Thanks. Anything is helpful. 😀😀😀🤗🤗🤗🙂🙂🙂

Bored this summer?

Are you or your children bored this summer? I just came across a website http://www.hellowonderful.co, and found the cutest idea for us adults or kids. It’s called painted rocks. I just love the idea. My kids and myself will try it this week. You can also subscribe for free to receive emails for creative ideas , fun cooking recipes etc… Link is below, I will also post pictures later this week of our painted rocks.